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Now Hiring Mechanics!

MRO Repair Technicians Needed!

MRO Repair Technicians

  • Responsible for the disassembly, repair, overhaul and test of units in accordance with component overhaul manuals and/or other approved technical documents.

  • Prepare documentation package for every repaired or overhauled unit.

  • Measure parts’ dimensions using micrometers, calipers, and gauges, etc..

  • Attention to Detail: Parts need to be maintained to very specific standards. Being precise and making sure things are repaired exactly right is key.


  • Must be able to communicate and work in a team environment.

  • Possess sufficient computer skills to perform data entry.

  • Documented training and work experience in any of the following industries is required:

  • a) Aerospace b) Automotive c) Diesel d) Marine e) Motorcycle.

  • Pass Background / Drug screening

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