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Our Certifications:

Our companies have provided procurement and repair services to the aviation industry since 1993. We offer commercial, regional, and business jet spares sales, inventory pooling, consignments, and repair management. Pneu-Tech Aerospace, Inc. provides rotable and expendable sales from our wide range of stock inventory, or through one of our many procurement channels.

Pneu-Tech, LLC., our repair station, delivers the highest quality repairs and overhauls possible on:

Accessory Class 1: Mechanical Accessories

Accessory Class 2: Electrical Accessories

Pneu-Tech, LLC. offers excellent and accurate turn times on hydraulic, pneumatic, and electro-mechanical components. We always provide detailed check reports, preliminary test data reports, incoming photos, and watermarked images which show the specific issues with the unit/s for our customers. Every quote comes with a PMA & OEM option so you can see the pricing differential for yourself and your customer.


FAA Repair Station P1IR123Y | EASA.145.5339

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