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Pneu-Tech, LLC. is a full service FAA/EASA Class 1 & 2 rated repair station, located at Orlando Sanford International Airport. Our mission is to provide quality aircraft component repair and overhaul services to commercial and private aviation institutions. Pneu-Tech Aerospace specializes in the repair of Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Valves, Pumps, Actuators, Air Cycle Machines, Carburetors, Hydraulic Servo Units, Generators, Starters, Voltage Regulators, Electric Motors, Fuel Pumps, Lighting, etc.


We can normally obtain the TEST & IPC same-day on a component that you are interested in having repaired, and determine if we can repair that unit for you. If so, we will purchase the CMM and add that capability to our list of services specifically for you. Be sure to ask our Accountable Manager about our BER inventory re-utilization & rebate programs.


Send us your components for bench test and evaluation and receive a full comprehensive detailed test data sheet


Pneu-Tech, LLC. understands that its customers are counting on us to keep their fleet flying. Our highly skilled & licensed technicians deliver 24/7 support, and are prepared to respond immediately. We have a proven reliability record, and offer one of the most competitive warranty programs in the industry.


We are sympathetic to the fact that the competition and requirements in our industry provide a multitude of challenges for our trading partners. As such, every technician who supports an aircraft component at Pneu-Tech, LLC. is dedicated to a standard of quality that is bar-none to that of our competitors.


Pneu-Tech, LLC. brings a new dimension to the marketing of redundant inventory. We manage and maintain customer inventories providing repair breakdown and re-certification services, thereby creating revenue from an otherwise lost asset.


Pneu-Tech Aerospace, Inc. has a consignment program that offers a logistical solution for operators, shops, & suppliers wanting to sell excess new or serviceable inventory. The customer retains ownership of the inventory while the parts are stored in our armed warehouse area at Orlando Sanford Int'l Airport. Trading partners worldwide know and trust Pneu-Tech Aerospace, Inc., and allow our staff to manage the selling, advertising, invoicing, collection, packaging and shipping of their assets.

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