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About Us:

Our Companies are leading providers of aftermarket and MRO services worldwide. Our dynamic teams bring a broad range of services and competencies to help our commercial, regional, and business aviation customers increase fleet readiness, reduce total cost of ownership, and maximize reliability and performance over the life cycle of the rotable.

Simply put, the worlds fleet cannot afford delays. In order to negate lengthy turnaround times, our Companies have several procedures in place to aid in returning a airworthy unit to you as quickly as possible.


1. Flat rate labor & bench tests to speed up the quotation process. 

2. A comprehensive spares program that supports our repair capabilities so there is never a wait. 

3. Turnaround times delivered as they were quoted.

4. 12-18 month warranties; Pneu-Tech, LLC. has an industry leading warranty return program - we rarely see our customers units back in the shop!

5.  Specialized support for a comprehensive range of OEM products & aircraft accessories including wide-body pneumatics, hydraulics, linear & rotary actuators, trim motors, & electromechanical accessories. 

6. Outright, Exchange, Lease, & Loan inventory available.


Please contact your Account Manager today for any requirements you might have.

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